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American Single: Bring a date. Bring me one too.

American single.

Bring a date. bring me one too.


Live. Date. onstage.

Swipe right for American Single! Two strangers (one single American girl + one volunteer from the audience) transition from “It’s a Match!” to their first date within a matter of minutes. It’s awkward, it’s taboo, and it is definitely a funny story you’ll be telling your friends later. Will we find love? Intimacy? Another one night stand? Every first date is different and entirely unpredictable. Audience, come prepared to openly eavesdrop on a -- likely hilarious-- first date while actively casting your opinions about it via live poll. Gentlemen, update your profile pics and pop a breath mint: this is one online date you’ll want to remember.



  1. How do you find your dates?

    1. I open Tinder the night of the show and swipe right until I match with someone in the audience. Once we’ve matched, I invite that audience member up on stage for the date.

  2. So, you don’t arrange the dates ahead of time?

    1. Nope! I trust that there’s someone in the audience who wants to date me.

  3. What happens if you don’t find someone in the audience that night?

    1. This hasn’t happened, and I pray it never will. If I don’t manage to match with someone on Tinder that night, there is usually someone in the audience who wants to date anyway, so I approach him and shout “It’s a Match!” and then bring them up onto the stage.

  4. Are the dates “real”? Or are you acting?

    1. These dates are 100% real; I behave exactly as I would on a regular, off-stage date. This means that each date has a high point, a low point and a period of adjustment as we awkwardly try to get to know each other.

  5. What happens if you don’t like the guy?

    1. Then we all suffer together. I have gone on enough dates that I know how to keep them entertaining for myself (and, in turn, the audience) until an acceptable amount of time has passed and I can make my exit.

  6. What happens if you fall in love?

    1. Mission accomplished! This has also not happened yet, so that’s a bridge I will cross when I get to it.

  7. What do you usually talk about?

    1. Everything! Some people like to divulge their life stories, some people are private and just like to goof around, and some people just want to get really, really drunk. Given the nature of the show, love, dating, sex, romance, and feminism are recurring topics.

  8. What is your ideal audience?

    1. Anyone! I used to say “anyone that’s used an online dating app/website” but I’ve learned that nearly everybody has. So, anyone of any age, gender, sexuality, ability, and relationship status is welcome to the show; there’s bound to be something that you relate to throughout the date.

  9. Are you a comedian?

    1. Nope! I’m a professional actress and writer with a tumultuous love life, so I’ve simply brought all three of these things into the same space. I don’t set up “bits” for laughs nor do I pre-plan my jokes-- the show is hilarious because it is uncomfortable and relatable.

A disaster but still colorful and immensely funny. 
— Ingimar Bjarni, participant
Question your online dating choices, question your dating habits, but don’t question if you want to see this show. American Single is always a match!
— Jessica LoMonaco, Fringe Co-Director
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